About Why I Choose To Pay the Price


What do I mean by paying the price? 

Everything has a price to pay. But some are willing to pay a bigger price than others to get what they always dreamed of. The price of admission isn't all the same and the length of the ride of life isn't as short or as long as you'd think. 

What I chose to do is write about the price I have to pay to become the level of success I want. Its a personal journey that I'm willing to share and in the process can help others. I don't want anyone to be or follow exactly what I do, but maybe they can tweak my processes or help them to see that they are not alone if they are going through the same emotions and similar experiences as I am.

* * *

What I found out is that people are always asking how did you get to your level of greatness once you reach it. What were you thinking? How did you come up with your ideas? when? where? With Who? Can you teach/train me? Can you look at my ideas and tell me what you think? Give me, give me, give me. Well, when that happens, I'll direct them to this blog and tell them that READING IS FUNDAMENTAL.


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