How To Go From A Dependent Person To An Independent Person

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Originally written on 7/10/2017

I wrote this list at a time when I was very dependent on others to help me through the day-to-day. I didn't become fully Independent until the summer of this year, 2018. However, I found myself dependent recently after losing my job and deciding to start full-time in home-based and consulting businesses. This list continues to help as it outlines steps.

How to go from a Dependent Person to an Independent Person

1. Admit you are dependent.

We have to face ourselves in our situations in order to move forward. Admitting who you are and what led you to this moment is the first step in empowering yourself.

2. List the areas and sources you are dependent on and who enables you.

What do you have a dependency on? Examples include finding a job, getting groceries for your household, lack of money, etc. Who enables you to still get these things done? example your parent or partner buys the groceries, gives you money, or helps fill out job apps for you, or drives you to places to fill out apps, etc.

3. List the Pros and Cons of your  Lifetime Dependence.

Once you see the Cons outway the Pros, you have identified the life you don't want vs the life you do want. The feeling of being uncomfortable has now set it.

4. List the Cons and come up with goals to reach.

You will be creating in the Lifetime Independence with goals filled with the life you want.

5. Create a plan of action for all the new list and keep a track record and personal journal.

Keeping a record and journal helps you to review your fails and successes as you journey into being free and independent.

6. Pour into self-development and leadership development sources.

These sources help you figure out your inner problems and human nature. We don't know all the answers and we all have different perspectives. It's important to view other perspectives and ideas for fixing yourself. Check this blog often for reviews of self-development and leadership books, articles, podcasts, videos and more.

7. Get aide from a loyal and respectable partner to help you transition.

You'll need support during this transition so that you can relieve the stress and keep the belief and momentum going.

8. Start with one goal and work your way up as you continue to cross out the goals.

Just starting is the most difficult of the process. Take your time and don't rush the progress, however, respect the process.

9. Always recognize your achievements! And tell your story.

Some of the most successful transitioners tell the most inspiring stories. Keep a record so that you can tell your story one day.

10. Maintain confidence, consistency, perseverance and focus to reach the ultimate independence.

To achieve greatness is to combine the smaller wins and notice improvements along the way.

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