Secret Ingredients: Finding Your Passion Takes Failure

4:16:00 AM

I failed at a lot of things.

I failed at building up my first few gaming communities. I failed at getting THE job right after graduating college. I failed at being a great employee. I failed at taking my initial business ideas and starting something, making it public. I failed at moving out of my mom's house. I failed at being an adult.

In these failures, I realize they weren't really failures because I never gave up on my dream to be what I really wanted to be - a Video Games and Entertainment Entrepreneur. Each obstacle I face gives me the strength and experience to become who I need to become in order to reach the high ambitions I have for myself. 

I found my passion when I didn't throw in the towel. And its OK to not know what it is you want to do with your life. However, it's not OK, if you are giving all your time, energy and money into something you are not passionate about. You can't make someone do something that they are not passionate about, no matter what kind of incentives, bonuses, etc. you throw at them. 

I recognized something about myself while starting up a network marketing business - the campaign of goodness could be there, the proven system could be there, the possibility of truly being financially free could be there, but if I don't have the gift of belief that I can commit to being rich and successful, nothing will happen for me! In order for me to be committed, I have to have passion for what I am doing. 

I have a long road ahead of me and its looking bright as ever. I think I will need another pair of shades.

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