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The Soul Strategies & Decisions Business Group is a digital education platform for business and industry-specific knowledge base. Most non-branded (or non-VES) information published is personally curated by A VES curation manager. All else are community contributions. 

The group was created because there is an ever-growing need of a low-cost access marketplace of specific information in one place on popular social platforms. People who are starting up a business do not have the

  • time 
  • money and 
  • know-how 

to track down information they need at a lower price to help them. Vivacious Entrepreneur Strategies is in the business of providing a marketplace of solutions for start-ups and small businesses. 

We bring:

  • Tools and knowledge to help them decide and get things started
  • Customized strategies and business needs analysis
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Marketplace of Solutions (targeted results-driven products and services) to ensure long-term success

The Soul Strategies & Business Group is a community of in-training, new, or seasoned business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers, independent contractors, and any other freedom-seeking, be-your-own-boss agents. 

The social groups are free to join. The membership group on the website will be a premium membership. 

Social Group Benefits:

  • Receive Discounts on Services, Products, Events, and more for just being a member
  • Group Q&A
  • Curated Knowledge-fest from industry leaders in the Topics Covered (see below) that you can get all in one-place
  • Contests
  • Limited Time Offer Sales to give to those you care about to join the membership or be upgraded
  • Community Events (online) 
  • Networking Events
  • Shameless Promotions (limited) 

Premium Benefits (in addition to Social benefits)

  • Game-changing e-books and other downloads from industry leaders to change your business
  • Consulting session
  • Business Needs Analysis
  • Invitations to Members-only Events as VIP Guest
  • Group Training Sessions
  • Vivacious Education such as Guides, Tips, Strategies, Insights, Webinars, Videos, PDFs, Audio/Podcast, Workshops, and more

Topics Covered for Curation:
Web and Mobile Presence, Engagement and Social Platforms,  Social Analysis, Computer Systems Analysis, IT Support/Computer Building, Youtube and other Video platform Content Creation, Podcasting, Business Psychology, Monetization, Entrepreneurship, Content Creation/Journalism

How to Join:

  1. Post a comment requesting to join the group. In the comment, state which platform you want to join and why you want to join the group. Also add your profile link so I know to send a personal invite.
  2. I ask all members what do they hope to learn and how they think they will grow by joining the group. I will ask this which will determine your status of the request. 
  3. Your status of your request will be told via a PM on Facebook or Hangout, or a private google+ post. 

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